VTAS – Finding Your Loads

Since its establishment, Proficient Auto Transport has expanded rapidly from a single truck to a nationwide network of over 300 trucks and 500 drivers.

Finding Your Loads

You can find your assigned loads under the Loads tab/menu selection.
1. Press the Loads tab (iPhone) or select Loads from the side menu (Android).

2. If there are no loads listed on the screen pull down to refresh or click Refresh in the top-right corner.
3. Click on Select with VIN Scan to find a load by scanning a VIN or scroll to find the load you need. If the load you are
looking for is not listed you may need to contact dispatch to have them resend the load to your device. Make sure you are
only logged in to one device prior to doing this.

4. Click on the load to view the load details.

5. You may be asked to Accept or Decline the load before proceeding. If you Accept the load you will be able to proceed
with loading. If you Decline the load you will not be able to proceed with loading.

6. Click on the load details to bring up options for this load.

7. Choose an option.
Navigate To…: Choose this option for directions to the origin location. This will open your device’s map application.
Phone Number: Choose this option to call the origin location.
Show Notes: Choose this option to show any notes for the origin location.
Cancel: Choose this option to close this window and go back to the load details.
Load: Choose this option to start the loading process.

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