Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. endeavors to maintain a positive work environment. Each employee plays a role in fostering this environment. Accordingly, we all must abide by certain rules of conduct, based on honesty, common sense and fair play.

Because everyone may not have the same idea about proper workplace conduct, it is helpful to adopt and enforce rules all can follow. Unacceptable conduct may subject the offender to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge, in the Company’s sole discretion. The following are examples of some, but not all, conduct which can be considered unacceptable:

  1. Obtaining employment on the basis of false or misleading information.
  2. Stealing, removing or defacing Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. property or a co-worker’s property, and/or disclosure of confidential information.
  3. Completing another employee’s time records.
  4. Violation of safety rules and policies.
  5. Violation of Proficient Auto Transport, Inc.’s Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy.
  6. Fighting, threatening or disrupting the work of others or other violations of Proficient Auto Transport,Inc.’s Workplace Violence Policy.
  7. Failure to follow lawful instructions of a supervisor.
  8. Failure to perform assigned job duties.
  9. Violation of the Punctuality and Attendance Policy, including but not limited to irregular attendance, habitual lateness or unexcused absences.
  10. Gambling on Company property.
  11. Willful or careless destruction or damage to Company assets or to the equipment or possessions of another employee.
  12. Wasting work materials.
  13. Performing work of a personal nature during working time.
  14. Violation of the Solicitation and Distribution Policy.
  15. Violation of Proficient Auto Transport, Inc.’s Harassment or Equal Employment Opportunity Policies.
  16. Violation of the Communication and Computer Systems Policy.
  17. Unsatisfactory job performance.
  18. Any other violation of Company policy.


Obviously, not every type of misconduct can be listed. Note that all employees are employed at-will, and Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. reserves the right to impose whatever discipline it chooses, or none at all, in a particular instance. The Company will deal with each situation individually and nothing in this handbook should be construed as a promise of specific treatment in a given situation. However, Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. will endeavor to utilize progressive discipline but reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate the employee at any time for any reason.

The observance of these rules will help to ensure that our workplace remains a safe and desirable place to work.

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