Employees are hired to perform important functions at Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. As with any group effort, operating effectively takes cooperation and commitment from everyone. Therefore, attendance and punctuality are very important. Unnecessary absences and lateness are expensive, disruptive and place an unfair burden on fellow employees and Supervisors. We expect excellent attendance from all employees. Excessive absenteeism or tardiness will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.


We do recognize, however, there are times when absences and tardiness cannot be avoided. In such cases, employees are expected to notify Supervisors as early as possible, but no later than the start of the work day. Asking another employee, friend or relative to give this notice is improper and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Employees should call, stating the nature of the illness and its expected duration, for every day of absenteeism.

Unreported absences of three (3) consecutive work days generally will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment with the Company.

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