To help ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our employees and others, to protect Company property, and to ensure efficient operations, Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. has adopted a policy of maintaining a workplace free of drugs and alcohol. This policy applies to all employees and other individuals who perform work for the Company.

The unlawful or unauthorized use, abuse, solicitation, theft, possession, transfer, purchase, sale or distribution of controlled substances (including medical marijuana), drug paraphernalia or alcohol by an individual anywhere on Company premises, while on Company business (whether or not on Company premises) or while representing the Company, is strictly prohibited. Employees and other individuals who work for the Company also are prohibited from reporting to work or working while they are using or under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances, which may impact the employee’s ability to perform their job or otherwise pose safety concerns, except when the use is pursuant to a licensed medical practitioner’s instructions and the licensed medical practitioner authorized the employee or individual to report to work. However, this exception does not extend any right to report to work under the influence of medical marijuana or to use medical marijuana as a defense to a positive drug test, to the extent the employee is subject to any drug testing requirement, except as permitted by and in accordance with applicable law.

Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

The Company maintains a policy of non-discrimination and will endeavor to make reasonable accommodations to assist individuals recovering from substance and alcohol dependencies, and those who have a medical history which reflects treatment for substance abuse conditions. However, employees may not request an accommodation to avoid discipline for a policy violation. We encourage employees to seek assistance before their substance abuse or alcohol misuse renders them unable to perform the essential functions of their jobs, or jeopardizes the health and safety of any Company employee, including themselves.

Employees must notify the Company within five calendar days if they are convicted of a criminal drug violation in the workplace. Within ten (10) days of such notification or other actual notice, the Company will advise the contracting agency of such conviction.

All employees are hereby advised that full compliance with the foregoing policy shall be a condition of employment at the Company.

Any employee who violates the foregoing drug-free workplace policy described above shall be subject to discipline up to and including immediate discharge.

In the discretion of the Company, any employee who violates the drug-free workplace policy may be required, in connection with or in lieu of disciplinary sanctions, to participate to the Company’s satisfaction in an approved drug assistance or rehabilitation program.

In order to maintain a drug-free workplace, the Company has established a drug-free awareness program to educate employees on the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace, our drug-free workplace policy, the availability of any drug-free counseling, rehabilitation and employee assistance programs and the penalties that may be imposed for violations of our drug-free workplace policy. (Such education may include: (1) distribution of our drug-free workplace policy at the employment interview; (2) a discussion of our policy at the new employee orientation session; (3) distribution of a list of approved drug assistance agencies, organizations and clinics; (4) distribution of published educational materials regarding the dangers of drug abuse; (5) reorientation of all involved employees in cases in which a drug-related accident or incident occurs; (6) inclusion of the policy in employee handbooks and any other personnel policy publications; (7) lectures or training by local drug abuse assistance experts; (8) discussion by the Company’s safety experts on the hazards associated with drug abuse; and (9) video tape presentations on the hazards of drug abuse.)

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