Proficient’s objective is to ensure that the correct vehicle is safely identified, loaded, and delivered on time, and damage free.


Prior to loading, a pre-load inspection must be done.

Truck must be parked in the designated loading area.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Levers

Initial Loading Position
Cell phone use is limited to the functions of finding and inspecting units in the Magnus Driver app or calling a supervisor/inspection agency.
Miscellaneous Equipment in Truck
Locate the Correct Vehicles

Identifying the correct vehicle is the first step in delivering a quality vehicle. A mis- shipped vehicle creates extreme customer issues and costs money to correct. Each driver will be responsible for correcting any mis-shipped vehicle.

Ways to Identify a Vehicle
Driver MUST match VIN to the BOL, Monroney label, AND vehicle location.
The driver is responsible to deliver the right vehicle.
Other information on the BOL
Inspecting the Vehicles

A key component of delivery is inspecting the vehicle. Establish your own “routine” during the inspection. Variances or shortcuts in your routine can cause missed damages. If possible, avoid inspecting in the rain or conditions that keep you from being responsible for the vehicle condition (such as darkness)

Damage Noted or Driver Caused
Loading the Vehicles
Loading on Truck

ESTABLISH YOUR OWN ROUTINE. Once you have your own routine, it will minimize forgetting steps. Don’t let anyone interrupt you for idle “chit-chat” – it will be difficult to remember where you left off, which increases chance of damage/injury.

Double Checking the Load
Double Checking the Load
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