Pre-Trip Inspections

Section 392.7 of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR) stipulates no motor carrier shall be driven unless the driver is satisfied that the vehicle and parts are in good working order.

In-Route Inspection

FMCSR 392.9(b)(2) states that all drivers shall inspect their securement devices within fifty (50) miles after beginning a trip and at every change of duty status or every three (3) hours or every 150 miles – whichever occurs first.

REMEMBER – You are responsible for your equipment and freight!
Post-Trip Inspection

Both a pre-trip and post-trip inspection MUST be performed on each truck. This is the same scope of inspection as the pre-trip inspection.

Vehicle Condition Report

FMCSR requires a documented inspection of each truck, listing any defect that would impact the operation of the motor vehicle. This must be completed daily even if the driver is on an overnight trip.

The DVIR is located under the “Inspections” tab in the Pedigree tablet. You much click on “Tractor and Trailer” and list any defects found. If no defects are found, click the “All Passed” button.

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