Separation of employment from Proficient Auto Transport can occur for several reasons.

Resignation: Resigning employees are encouraged to provide two weeks’ notice, preferably in writing, to facilitate a smooth transition out of the organization. If an employee provides less notice than requested, the employer may deem the individual to be ineligible for rehire depending on the circumstances regarding the notice given.

Retirement: Employees who wish to retire are required to notify their department director and the Human Resource department in writing at least three (3) months before the planned retirement date.

Job Abandonment: Employees who fail to report to work or contact their supervisor for three (3) consecutive workdays shall be considered to have abandoned the job without notice, effective at the end of their normal shift on the third day. The supervisor shall notify the Human Resource department at the expiration of the third workday and initiate the paperwork to terminate the employee. Employees who are separated due to job abandonment are ineligible to receive accrued benefits and are ineligible for rehire.

Termination: Employees of Proficient Auto Transport are employed on an at-will basis, and the company retains the right to terminate an employee at any time.

Return of Company Property

The separating employee must return all company property at the time of separation, including shirts, tee shirts, cell phones and keys. Additionally, if applicable, EFS fuel card, hotel card, height sticks, tie down bar, tire pressure gauge, PrePass, EZ Pass, accordion, log book, delivery receipts, all trip paperwork and Truck Keys. Failure to return all items will result in deductions from the final paycheck. Employees are liable for any expenses that are not covered by the final check. Proficient also reserves the right to pursue legal action for any expenses owed by the employee.

As a driver you are required to return the company truck to the home terminal at the time of resignation or termination of employment. Any costs that result from recovery fees from failure to return the truck to the home terminal, will be deducted from the employee’s final check.

Any unpaid accrued PTO will be paid in the last paycheck, if applicable. Any employee who is terminated for job abandonment or any other reason with cause, unpaid accrued PTO will NOT be paid.

Health insurance terminates on employees last day of employment. Information for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) continued health coverage will be provided.


Former employees who left Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. in good standing and were classified as eligible for rehire may be considered for reemployment. An application must be submitted to the Human Resource department, and the applicant must meet all minimum qualifications and requirements of the position, including any qualifying exam and agility test, when required.

Supervisors must obtain approval from Human Resource or Management prior to rehiring a former employee. Rehired employees begin benefits just as any other new employee. Previous tenure will not be considered in calculating longevity, leave accruals or any other benefits.

An applicant or employee who is terminated for violating policy or who resigned in lieu of termination from employment due to a policy violation will be ineligible for rehire.

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