If employees are ineligible for any other Company leave of absence, Proficient Auto Transport, Inc., under certain circumstances, may grant a personal leave of absence without pay. A written request for a personal leave should be presented to management at least two (2) weeks before the anticipated start of the leave. If the leave is requested for medical reasons and employees are not eligible for leave under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or any state leave law, medical certification also must be submitted. The request will be considered on the basis of staffing requirements and the reasons for the requested leave, as well as performance and attendance records. Normally, a leave of absence will be granted for a period of up to eight (8) weeks. However a personal leave may be extended if, prior to the end of leave, employees submit a written request for an extension to management and the request is granted. During the leave, employees will not earn PTO. Proficient Auto Transport, Inc. will continue health insurance coverage during the leave if employees submit their share of the monthly premium payments to the Company in a timely manner, subject to the terms of the plan documents.

When the employees anticipate returning to work, they should notify management of the expected return date. This notification should be made at least one (1) week before the end of the leave.

Upon completion of the personal leave of absence, the Company will attempt to return employees to their original job or a similar position, subject to prevailing business considerations. Reinstatement, however, is not guaranteed.

Failure to advise management of availability to return to work, failure to return to work when notified or a continued absence from work beyond the time approved by the Company will be considered a voluntary resignation of employment.

Personal leave runs concurrently with any Company-provided Short-Term Disability Leave of Absence.

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