Proficient Auto Transport wants to ensure that practices that involve employee hiring, promotion and transfer do not create a situation of a conflict of interest. Close relatives as defined by the Company, partners and those in a dating relationship or members of the same household are not permitted to be in positions that have a reporting responsibility to each other. If two employees are engaged in a relationship or become relatives, partners or members of the same household, those employees are required to inform management and Human Resources of the relationship. At that time Human Resources will assess the degree to which the employee’s positions require interaction that could potentially result in a conflict of interest and will present a recommendation to management. Solutions could include, but are not limited to, the re-assignment of one or both of the employees to other positions or responsibilities. Although the Company would make its best effort to offer a workable solution for all parties, termination of one or both parties will be a consideration if re-assignment of position(s) and/or responsibilities is not an option. Proficient Auto Transport reserves the right to apply this policy to situations where we believe there is or could be a conflict of interest due to the relationship between the two employees, even if there is no direct reporting relationship or authority involved.

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