Maternity Leave Policy

The Company’s Maternity Leave Policy outlines the Company’s provisions for female employees who are expecting a child and require time off related to the temporary medical disability either during pregnancy or after the birth of a child.

The Company will offer at least the minimum benefits mandated by law and this policy is merely complimentary to the existing legal guidelines (See FMLA Policy under Leaves of Absence)


Eligibility is defined as any full-time, actively working female employee who has been with the Company for at least one year prior to the first date of any requested and approved leave related to the birth of a child.

Female employees who meet these requirements which are consistent with Federal guidelines for FMLA leave (see FMLA under Leaves of Absence) will be required to exhaust any PTO available to her prior to receiving any paid leave under the terms of this Policy. Once all PTO is exhausted, employee will be eligible for up to 6 weeks of Paid Maternity Leave to be paid by the Company consistent with the Company’s regularly scheduled payroll.

All approved PTO, STD Leave and Paid Leave will run concurrently with the Federally mandated FMLA leave of 12 weeks, assuming all necessary documentation has been provided and appropriate requests have been approved by the Company.

Maternity Leave and Short-Term Disability

If the Eligible employee has purchased the optional Short Term Disability coverage and has applied and been approved for payment related to the birth of a child, any paid Maternity leave will be paid after all available PTO and Short Term Disability payments have been exhausted assuming that the total amount of time paid under PTO, STD AND Paid Maternity Leave do NOT exceed a total of 12 weeks.


Mary has 10 days of PTO remaining when she is approved for leave related to the birth of a child. She also has purchased STD coverage under the Company’s benefits offerings and is eligible for 6 weeks of income replacement under the STD Plan. Mary would then be eligible for 4 weeks of paid maternity leave under this policy not exceeding the 12 weeks of total leave allowed under FMLA.

Any special circumstances or additional questions related to this policy should be presented to Human Resources in advance of any taken leave.

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